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Or come see me at The Natural Gardener's Information Desk!  
I can't talk about off-site consultations there, but can help you with your problems since that's what the Info Desk is all about.  A nice bonus is it's FREE!  AND you can buy whatever things you need to solve your problem right then and there.  I work Saturdays and Sundays year 'round, but there's always someone there who can help you even if it's not me.
  1. Bring samples of plants, diseases, bugs, or whatever you're having problems with.  Put them in a ziploc bag so they don't infect our plants for sale.  
  2. If you're having lawn problems, bring us a piece of sod at the edge of one of the problem areas since that's where the problem is.  We need sick grass, not dead, and lots of horizontal runners instead of just grass sprouts is extremely helpful.  Don't bring dead grass since dead is already starting to decay and that obscures the problem that originally killed it.  We need a piece at least 8"x8" with a good two inches of dirt on the bottom.  Put the whole thing in a bucket or box or on a cookie-sheet-in-a-garbage-bag.  
  3. Pictures are great!  BUT we can't put them under the microscope, so samples are a must.  If you do bring photos, take one of the overall plant/tree/shrub showing where it is living in the landscape, one showing the problem, and one showing the base of the plant where it goes into the ground.  

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